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Guidelines for the servers Empty Guidelines for the servers

Post  Lucas Cullen on 10/7/2014, 7:46 pm

Server 1 SRS RP

Server 2 Semi Srs RP

Server 3 Lite RP

These are just guidelines, there is not a full rules list because there would be too many to list.
Use these guidelines and your <b>common sense</b> and you should be able to play the game without
suffering from a very long ban.

1. If somebody breaks a rule it does not take seven of you to tell them, if one person
tells them to go and read the guidelines, you do not need to back them up.

2. It is not your duty to become a vigilante, if somebody tries to prop-kill you or
something similiar, you should disconnect and report it to an administrator. Trying to kill
them yourself will only result in you being banned.

3. Do not kill another character without a good reason, and you must be able to prove
to an administrator that you had a valid reason (being at war with another alliance or gang is a good enough reason).

4. Never take revenge on somebody that killed you, or randomly killed you, report them

5. Do not attempt to kill another character by using props, we have sufficient protection to prevent you from
doing so, but if you do manage it we do have logs and it will result in a permanent ban.

6. Have respect for the staff, they are here to make sure your playing experience is fun and enjoyable. We understand
that sometimes our staff's judgement can be wrong, and if you believe that is so then please report it on the forums. If you do
report an action made by our staff, be sure not to disrespect them in doing so.

7.If you are going to block something with a prop, the block is only allowed to be one layer thick; so that the block
can be destroyed by other players. You are not allowed to instantly replace a destroyed prop (and will be banned for doing so).

8.Do not disconnect from the server to avoid roleplay, or to avoid being mugged or dying. This is very severe, and a
severe punishment will be given for anyone that does so.

9. Do not spawn-kill, camp at spawn, Doing so will result in a very severe punishment, you will receive no first warning
and will be banned straight away. The staff may even wipe your character's posessions.

10. Be careful who you pick a fight with, they may have a lot of backup, or may put a bounty on your head. Think about this
before you decide to go to war with somebody.

11. Go away from keyboard at your own risk, if you get tied or killed while away from keyboard, nothing will happen to the
attacker. You should be aware of this, and disconnect when you can instead of going away from keyboard.

12. Be careful who you trust and be careful who you share your name with. Nobody can be fully trusted in the experiment, so do not
cry if you get scammed.

13.If you're new, don't draw attention to yourself. Stay back, build up your generators and save up for some protection. The best way
to get protection, or any shipment of items, is to save up with in a group of five people.

14. If someone is in trouble, it is best to mind your own business, otherwise you could end up making potentially dangerous and powerful
enemies. Do not cry if you make enemies with somebody more powerful than you.

15. Killing somebody for their equipment is only allowed if they are clearly as wealthy or more wealthy than you, and are blatantly
showing it off or flaunting it. Do not kill other characters for wealth if they are clearly not wealthy or well equipped.

16. Tying or killing characters that are clearly using a Safebox is against the rules. If you are caught doing this
you could face a permanent ban. This doesn't count if the person is currently in combat, or is trying to evade another character. Also
note that this only counts if the character is actually using the Safebox, not just standing by it.

17. If you're mugging someone, you have to give them the chance to hand over their stuff. You have to say if they don't give you
their stuff, you're going to kill them. Just going up to someone and killing them for their stuff isn't mugging them, it's deathmatching.
This guideline only applies during muggings. Killing someone and mugging someone are different things, you also do not need to announce it
if you are trying to tie them either, so long as you don't plan to kill them after 'mugging' them.

18. If you own a jetpack, you can build bases and generators in the sky. You can not however, and will be banned for, prop climbing or
surfing to achieve the same effect.

19. Please remember that in this experiment, there are no rules, no safe zones, no protection... just these guidelines; and they are
onlyguidelines, not rules, which is something to be remembered.

20. Throwing mines at people counts as randomly deathmatching, unless you are throwing a mine during natural combat then you could
face a ban. Do not throw mines at people unless you are in combat with them (or unless you have a genuine reason to do so). Using jetpacks to
drop mines on enemies is allowed but carries the same constraints.

21. All players and staff should follow the guidelines to the letter, even staff can be banned or even demoted for not following
the guidelines. Take note though, these are only guidelines and not rules, so it is the staff's decision whether or not something is bannable
depending on the circumstance.

22.The staff have every right to ban you if they think you have done something wrong, these are just guidelines and not rules. You must
use common sense to ensure you do not get banned. If you whine about a ban, your ban will likely get extended - so when petitioning a ban make
sure to be respectful and admit you were wrong (and apologise).

23. You don't have to own an 'Alliance' to be in a 'Gang'. If you base with someone, share money with someone, and get weapons together or
whatever, you are technically in a 'Gang' with them. You can still goto war with a 'Gang', they don't need to be in an alliance.

24. Accusing the staff of abuse is a permanent ban, always. This is a zero-tolerance policy because our staff <i>never, and never will abuse
their powers. The super administrators keep the staff under very strict rules and guidelines that they need to follow, and those who abuse
are demoted (we know if they're abusing, you don't need to tell us).

Please check back here regularly, as more guidelines will be added over time.

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