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Age| 12.

|Picture of character| Mistys Character |Eve Combine_assassin_secondedition_by_romanromero-d4cp1zk

|Voice| High femiment voice|

Personallity |Happy|Forgivful|Gentle| English accent| Blue eyes|

Eve was born on a sunny day of mid summer the wind was howling slightly the sun was out brightly shining in a sort of a joy filled way, she had been a perfectly well born child, she was astonishingly well off for a first born, but suffered  a minority of her health, she was smaller than the average baby, just a few pounds off, she had been left in the hospital for the week till they could make sure she was perfectly fine, of course she was for the most part, weeks had past since then, her parents came in to pick her up assured enough they received there child they taking her to the car after briefly signing her out and entering the car, they had been on there way home now driving at a steady pace the neighborhood around them nice to some extent, there was two other kids for her to hang out with and school was near by, there was a steady food market around and a library as well, this would be the perfect ideal neighborhood so many had wished to have, she had been put in her crib for rest after a quick feeding and a bath, and off to bed.. Her parents woke up that night to the screaming baby who had been asleep only to have had a short nightmare, the parents rushed in to assure there baby it was okay, after a few moments, the baby was fast asleep again, no sound, no reason for panic, the house rested going silent and quiet, that was 12 months ago, it was now her birthday, her first birthday of a matter of fact.  Her parents were so astounded, they had bought and made her room near perfect for her she having a cradle a spinning singing sign to put her to sleep, and a good amount of blankets, there was the cake and her friends and family friends have came over, the cake had been soon blown out and everyone had began to eat,  the baby of course getting food every possible place even on the wall once her friends also having just as good of a time there was balloons a bouncy house, a amazing attire of party material for them, night was approaching and the day was coming to a end, the day had been over.. her friends were leaving with there parents and the sun was going down, the day had finally...ended.

2 years later: Eve is now three, it's been a year since she first started learning how to crawl to some extent mostly rolling around never fully getting up her body still adjusting to such a state, local doctors predicted she'd need glasses by the age of nineteen, and her health other wise would be perfect accept that condition, all in all it was good.. The young child woke up in the morning with a start crying for its mother as the mom would rush into the room caring for her child deeply as she would hush the child softly scooping her into her arms with a mothers touch being incredibly soft with her.  The child had been resting now for quiet some time, needed a bath, a wrap and a bath,  of course this wasn't the worst of situations the bills were also due, but that didn't necessarily mean that they were doomed, this was a minor set back in there lives, everything seemed to be just fine, perfect even.  For how long tho is something only time can tell.

3 years later

Eve is now six

Eve would be progressing nicely throughout school, she had been taking a interest in physical sports but nothing to much, she was interested in soccer and football, nothing much more thoe really, she always tried her best, but lost interest and decided to take after her parents, but what? She decided to start and learn more about her parents as time progressed and time passed she knowing this is how she will reach the ultimate goal in life.. to power and make a striving impact..to make her parents proud.. this is how she would do it, harvest there greatest abilities and force her work towards it, to the highest extent she would begin working to get a's and b's in school she begging to start and work on this..  Her new priority.

Three years later.

Eve is now nine, its been awhile in her life she'd been reading books and watching TV every chance she got, she was a bookworm who always would do her best to get A"S and B"S in school, she also learned her father was a general in the American army, this also made her inspired by her father to become something as important as him, of course in other directions like a scientist or ecologic teacher of biology and histories and ecologies alike, this was inspired by her father just as much as her mother inspired her to write and work on literacy and always push herself harder and past her limits and beyond, this was how she became so intelligent in some aspects, she was always shut out of her house tho... reading.. for most of her life anyway, never giving up In school, she had been doing incredibly well, made good friends.. but a new girl came... she seemed...odd.. and.. Creepy even, eve knew something was up with her, but didn't mind it, she stayed on her course in life working towards her life's goal and working her way up to the best of her abilities, of course she loved to cook ever so often and prepare meals for herself but hated cooking for the family, she never knew what to cook because everyone else felt like having something else every day, she just couldn't handle that sort of responsibility of time and patience for everyone to decide so she kept on doing what she did best, reading and writing and getting good grades in school and making friends when she could, but this even lead to some things going wrong here and there, she never gave up tho'.

Three years later| Eve Is now 12

Eve would be walking into class when she would emit a shrill scream being tackled by the gothic pain loving girl she had finaly gone insane the girl grabbed the nearest tool after holding eve still begging to beat the shit out of her legs to paralyze her screaming insane everyone running in panic screaming as poor eve would scream and cry her face being beat in slowly as the girl would jam her fingers into her eyes starting to turn them to mush when a teacher ran punching the girl off, they called for a ambulance as fast as possible the ambulance arriving with her father as the two would get her loaded up and they would drive to the hospital.. meanwhile the father would be on the phone ordering scientists of the facility near to prep a body incase his daughter did die.. If she couldn't make it they would pass this facility as they drove past.. The father would be holding his daughter hands as she died in his arms... the scientists who had already prepped for this began to get to work setting up devices last preperations this was there one shot.. they had two minutes to get her in it before her brain fully died.. assured enough it worked..at the last possible moment before her life vitals vanished...they did it.. they uploaded what they could to the robot storing the cyborgs memories of hers and made it to fit her..  They also made it battle efficient to protect herself...but when woken up she jammed a gun to her fathers head...in mear anger and sacredness..  And pulled the trigger... she never got to say goodbye...she ran and ran and ran..until she couldn't run any farther.. she was there... Her memory devices would short out she collapsing to the ground her body going out like a light...

}Twelve weeks later[

Eve would wake up getting to her feet... her body emitting a groan and squeal of life as it returned to life...kicking into action.  she would stand...look around... and here she was.. in a new place... a new life... a new test.


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