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Post  Milky on 11/3/2014, 12:29 am

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Evocati Augusti
Leader(s): 'Todesfee', 'Top-Hat'
Purpose: Military Police
INFO:  The Evocati Augusti is a self-proclaimed military police.  The group of militia are neutral to a group until an individual acts out a crime. The goal of this band of soldiers is to prevent crimes from taking across the districts. Not much else is known.

  • The Evocati Augusti, Evocati of the Praetorian Guard, had even greater social standing than the Evocati of the Legions. They would have served out their time and obtained their discharge with the Praetorian Guard, but then enlisted again voluntarily.
  • Do not attempt the group without previously arming yourself.
  • Hostility is not needed with this group. Just do not commit any crimes around them.

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