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Post  Lucas Cullen on 10/2/2014, 10:31 am

AOSO or Art Of Swords Online is based off an anime series called Sword Art Online (SAO). SAO uses a Virtual Reality helmet called NerveGear. Here at Trion Gaming are working on a game that uses this technology called EPOC Emotive System that gets brain waves called EEGs and turns them into input. We are NOT making EPOC we are simply using Emotive System for our game. This will be the first game to support EPOC 100% and is the only MMO to date that utilizes this system. A Lot of the features currently are Wishful thinking as we don't know what we can and cant do with this system we don't know the exact limitations of unity. So were gonna do our best and cross our fingers for luck and hope that things go to plan. We do want this game cheap for everyone to use so were looking at 20-80$ one time payment fee. unlike EA We believe in quality over quantity so there will be delays and set backs but nothing like duke nukem forever and we don't believe in pay to win so there will be NO MICRO TRANSACTIONS. Just show us your support and putting your ideas thoughts and comments in Ideas Section.

AOSO will be set in a fantasy world there will be a large range  things to do and learn such as Magic, Melee also Ranged Weapons. Learning to play lots of musical instruments Hundreds of Quests to do. The combat will not have standard Animations basically you hold left mouse and you control the sword right mouse allows for blocking and parrying and if you hold down both or if your fast at clicking you can counter attack and counter block. This game is harsh and is all about skill but not as hash as SAO where you die in the game you die in real life and there is no log-out button though that can be arranged XD.

There will be more information as time progresses but I have only spent the last week coding this game and so far going really well I will have a game play video up in just under 4 months Multi-Player wont be enabled till such time and even then I don't know any large Servers to use like 10 000 players at once. And no I cant host one cause I am in Australia and the internet sucks so that's out of the question.

Thank you for reading and your current support also please check out my very first major game I worked on STILL NOT FINISHED  called Ground Zero See you soon.
Current Estimated official release date sometime 2017.

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