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Post  Lucas Cullen on 13/11/2013, 7:33 pm

Forum Exclusive Membership Packages:

Standard Membership:

Price once a month -- $5

Colored Named -- blue

Access to Exclusive Discounts on Trion Gaming Games and donations

Access to Exclusive Events, Deals and Content

Access to Exclusive Parts of the forums

Exclusive access to Lucas Cullen's Test Servers

Much much more to be added soon

Premium Membership:

Price once a month -- $15

Colored Named -- Gold

Access to Clockwork Beta and Test servers

Access to DarkRP Beta and Test Servers

Access to Trion Gaming owned In Dev Servers

Meaning if a custom DarkRP was being built by someone who is not part of TG but working on a TG Owned server you can join and test that server.

And Everything that the Standard Package gives

Clockwork Packages:

Custom Armor Models:

Price: $10

Please note clockwork requires particular models so your first choice might not work.

This will be available for everyone in the business menu

Please give us the  link to the workshop item

Will do all the balancing and tweaking

Custom Player Models:

Price: $15

Please note clockwork requires particular models so your first choice might not work.

Please provide a workshop link to 3 of your models we will test to see which ones will work.

Offical Faction/Models:

Price: $50
Faction Uniforms
Ammo Caches
Special Printers
Access to parts of the forums
Access to a closed 5-10slot server for faction meetings
Access to research and development section on the forums
Access to a personal salesman
Access to a faction locker
Ability to be on Stock Markets
Ability to buy and sell perm bases
Ability to make a faction page
Ability to make a custom ranking system
Colored name for all faction members

DarkRP Packages:


Price: $10
special rank in ULX
Access to VIP Jobs
250k In game

Custom Jobs and Player Models:

Price: $15
Please give an outline of what you want this job to do
Please give us a link to the workshop item
Your allowed to have 2 weapons from FAS
Your pay will be 250-500 depending on the outline of the job


When you donate please write in the notes section your steam name and Donation for TG

This is a donation this does not mean you get benefits from admins, also means this can be revoked and no refunds will be given.
Please be sure to send the right amount of money as friends and family.

Send money to this account

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