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Post  Lucas Cullen on 24/10/2014, 2:26 pm

1. Do not (RDM) Random Deathmatch.
2. (NLR) New Life Rule do not go near where you died if you have to you can not do anything in that area for 5min.
3. When you enter someones base it is KOS by default.
4. A base must have a keypad and fading door.
5. You do not need to call out raids.
6. Read the descriptions of your jobs or face demotion or a ban from the job.
7. When your in an admin sit do not disconnect or run away or you might face a temp to perm ban.
8. Do not demand for an admin they will come to you as soon as they can.
9. The most important rule have fun and enjoy our servers.

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