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InvisiblyBlu3s Staff Application. Empty InvisiblyBlu3s Staff Application.

Post  InvisiblyBlu3 on 20/7/2014, 3:49 am

Steam Name:  
Steam ID:
IC Name:
Dave Audet.
Are you Investor?
Negative, May be in the future.
How many hours have you got on gmod?
How many of them hours approximately spent on rp?
Around 900.
Why do you want to be admin?
I would like to invest my time into this newly developed community and help make it a successful gaming community in the future by using my experience from other notable gaming networks and also in life experience with helping manage of various events.
What can you bring to Trion Gaming servers that no one else can?
I can bring my experience from managing Serious Role Play server and other game modes to help moderate  and bring my services to others in the community.
Do you have a mic?
Yes, I do.
Please restate at least 5 guidelines(without looking in game this needs to be remembered).
Not needed. (Stated on Lucases mock up Application)
What server/s would you like to admin?
I would enjoy being an admin on a Clockwork or PhaseFour server(s).
Do you understand that admin abuse is a very serious offense and will not be tolerated and I will know that you have?
Yes, I do. Abusing is not fair to the community.
Have you even been banned of a server for breaking a rule if so what rule and why did you break it.
Ive never been VAC banned but I have been banned for Random Death Match on a Pony RP server.
What are basic admin commands?
/plygoto (Name) /plykick (Name) (Reason)   /plyban (Name) (Reason) (Time Amount) /plymute (Name) .
Have you ever been admin on a clockwork server before?
Yes, Quite a few times.
Do you understand that you need to make a admin character to show that your on duty and not use your rp character to do adminning?
Yes, I do.
What are 5 of the most conman basic rules in all of rp?
1: No Meta Gaming 2: No Minge running or Punching 3: Use proper Grammar and Spelling 4: No modding (Hacking) 5: Do not disrespect others unless In Character.
Do you understand that you will be asked to admin different servers with no questions asked?
Yes I do.
Do you understand that you have a duty to do 1-4 hours a day depending if its weekday or weekend?(this can be negotiated)
Yes I do, that is not a problem currently and should not be in the future.

Admin Situations

If someone says to you I got RDMED what should you do first?
First, I would bring the player to an admin sit area if there is a designated spot or just on a roof, after that I would ask them to state the name of the Random Death Matcher or i would look in console for the info. I would bring the suspect and would hear both sides of the story giving a fair and equal opportunity then I would handle it accordingly to the servers rules.
If some one disrespects a fellow player what should you do?
I would bring both player to an admin sit area if there is a designated spot or just on a roof and ask the reporter to state what the other disrespectful player said, if it is true that he said that Out Of Character (look in console) then I would handle the problem accordingly to the servers rules.

If a player reports some one speed hacking how will you handle this?

I would go into vanish and spectate the suspected hacker to allow me to see it myself before confronting the player and them I would bring player to an admin sit area if there is a designated spot or just on a roof, state what the problem is to the suspect and then handle the problem accordingly.

If you see another admin abusing his powers Would you step in to stop and how would you?
I would privately speak to the admin that we where given these powers to help the server and not use them for our own entertainment, then I would report it to a higher staff member or report it on the forums.

RP Situations

You come across a junkyard, but you've heard of something or someone who lives there that  doesn't care who enters just kills. But there is also the Promise of great loot also. You are armed with a Colt 1911 with 3 clips, basic medical supplies, and a backpack full of junk. What do you do?

I would proceed with caution and stay armed pistol ready, but if not in need of the great loot to survive i would turn around due to the risk of death and how much life is worth.

You've just taken a bullet wound to the shoulder, your in severe pain and you seem to bleeding a bit grotesquely.  You attempted to put some weight on it after you where shot and your almost certain it's shattered something. You have a basic medical kit that contains, 1 Ace Wrap, 1 half filled tube of antibiotics, 4 packages of Gauze pads, and rubbing alcohol. You know of a town near by but you don't know if it's safe or not. You take a look from your cover an it's safe to move. What do you do?

First off, I would allow myself to grab somthing to bite down onto to ease the pain. Then with one package of gauze and I would sterilize the wound with the rubbing alcohol to prevent infection. I would then, take 2 packages of gauze and put a medium amount of Antibiotic Cream on it and the Ace Wrap, wrapping the Ace Wrap around the gauze to slow the bleeding down and cause clotting of blood. And the last Gauze pad would be to put on top of the other gauze when it has been blood soaked to help clotting even more. Then would try to proceed to town to get proper treatment.(I have First Aid Certification for First Aid and CPR)

Personal Info:

What do you like:
Gaming, Atving, fishing and Snowmobiling.
What dont you like:
Liers and people who think they are the cats meow. (People that think they are the best and should be treated like a god)
What makes you annoyed:
Liers and disrespectful people or people that purposely make you frustrated.
What makes you happy:
Having a great day, seeing other happy and just all around making others happy.
what makes you angry and frustrated:
Liers and Disrespect.
Whats your favourite colours:
Green and Blue.


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