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Post  1deadblawer on 20/7/2014, 3:02 am

Steam Name: | IRS | 1deadblawer

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:41975243

IC Name: John Lycus

Age: 16

Are you Investor? Nope

How many hours have you got on gmod? 1505 (and counting)

How many of them hours aproxmently spent on rp? Approximately 800

Why do you want to be admin? I would like to be an admin for the purpose that I have been both an admin in DarkRP servers and in Serious Role Player servers and I understand (With what I've been able to piece together) how to act with both kinds of players.

What can you bring to Trion Gaming servers that no one else can? I can bring my administrating experience from both my time as Dark RP admin to my time as an Serious Rp Admin. I can make sure to keep the population calm in the mist of fighting and I'm also decent at writing interesting events in which all players new and old can join and interact with.  

Do you have a mic? Yes, I do.

Please restate at least 5 guidelines(without looking in game this needs to be remembered).
Don't Break NLR, Do not Random Deathmatch, Do not abuse, Do not exploit, No prop blocking.

What server/s would you like to admin? Any of them, I can deal with Dark RPers and Serious Rpers.

Do you understand that admin abuse is a very serious offence and will not be tolerated and I will know that you have? Yes

Have you even been banned of a server for breaking a rule if so what rule and why did you break it.
I've been kicked before, But I have yet to get banned from any server for serious reasons or for any reasons.

What are basic admin commands? /plykick (Name), /plyban (Playername) (Time) (Reason), /plyunban (name here),
/observer, /plygoto (Name), /plybring (Name)

Have you ever been admin on a clockwork server before? Yes I have.

Do you understand that you need to make a admin character to show that your on duty and not use your rp character to do adminning? Yes I do.

What are 5 of the most conman basic rules in all of rp? No RDM / Breaking NLR / LTAP / Prop Block / Prop Surf

Do you understand that you will be asked to admin different servers with no questions asked? Yes, I do understand.

Do you understand that you have a duty to do 1-4 hours a day depending if its weekday or weekend?(this can be negotiated) I do understand, I will need to Negotiate this during school time due to the Fact I will be doing College work and High School work at the same time.

Admin Situations

If someone says to you I got RDMED what should you do first? Check logs for the killer, Go to a safe area to bring both players, Freeze Both of them so nothing can happen, begin questioning,  Mute and require them to type if needed.

If someone disrespects a fellow player what should you do? Go to the Player and give them a warring explaining to them why this behavior will not be tolerated on the server. If it continues possible kick is in order (Depending on how bad it gets).

If a player reports some one speed hacking how will you handle this? Go to observer and watch them to see how they are moving, If you find out that they are not speed hacking go to the player and explain the attribute  system to them.

If you see another admin abusing his powers Would you step in to stop and how would you? Observer him/her, Take screen shots of the incident (or Incidents), Report to the forums and to owner for further judgment.
If it becomes an issue, Freeze admin if need be, Explain the issues, Ban or Kick if need be.

RP Situations

You come across a junktyard, but you've heard of something or someone who lives there that  doesn't care who enters just kills. But there is also the Promise of great loot also. You are armed with a Colt 1911 with 3 clips, basic medical supplies, and a backpack full of junk. What do you do?

Walk away, You are alone and you have not a clue about with the Opponent you are about to face. So leave and possibly return when you have a larger party with better weapons and supplies.

You've just taken a bullet wound to the shoulder, your in severe pain and you seem to bleeding a bit grotesquely.  You attempted to put some weight on it after you where shot and your almost certain it's shattered something. You have a basic medical kit that contains, 1 Ace Wrap, 1 half filled tube of antibiotics, 4 packages of Gauze pads, and rubbing achool. You know of a town near by but you don't know if it's safe or not. You take a look from your cover an it's safe to move. What do you do?

Slide back into Cover keeping constant pressure on the wound attempting to make it clot up as you remove your backpack to retrieve your medical supplies. Release the pressure on your newly bulleted shoulder as he remove all your supplies and take up one of your Gauze pad packages opening it to remove the 2 standard pads from it taking them and cleaning the wound you can with them. Toss the newly dirtied gauze pads away as you then take the Antibiotics tube and place some of the gel on your finger as you coat the outside of the wound and slowly working your way inside trying to feel where the bullet might have finished it's journey as you leave about 1/4 of the container left in case you need to apply more with new bandages. You would then take up your send to last gauze package as you place the 2 pads against the Wound trying to let the wound breath and stay clean at the same time. Finishing up your work you would take the Ace Wrap and Warp it so it's tight on the wound and gauze. Tie it off or cover it with what you can so it stays put as you repack your gear taking what you can as you check out the environment once more keeping as hidden as you can as you make your way to view the town from a distance to determine if it's a safe one to get help at or to leave and find another on to find help.

Personal Info:

What do you like: Gaming, Working outside, Football, Reading books, Watching Documentaries, Reading the News, Doing my own thing from time to time.

What don't you like: Minges, People who don't keep their word, Trolls, People who Lie, People with God Complexes.

What makes you annoyed: Minges, Everything I don't like.

What makes you happy: Friends, Family, When everyone gets along, Good Rp, People who are true to their word, The Outdoors, Knowing that the Well Being of my friends is good and not compromised in anyway.

what makes you angry and frustrated: Everything I dislike, (The box. What's in the Box up there ^. No above that one not the one that makes me happy, you silly you.)

Whats your favourite colours: Cyan, Blue, Green, Black, Really any Dark Colors ( Cyan being the Only exception to this color pallet pattern.)

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