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Post  Lucas Cullen on 19/7/2014, 5:21 am

When selling an item/property this is how you do it.

Topic Title: Selling M4A1's

Item Information

Item Name: M4A1
Starting Bid 30k
Item Description: 2nd hand scratched along the sides just needs a repaint takes (insert ammo)(if customizable what can you attach?)
Item Pic: (insert pic of a M4A1)
Item QTY: 100
Item Category: Weapon Ranged Automatic
Item Rarity: Common to Uncommon

Or if your selling a property

Building Type:(Get pic from Building Investments)
Building Name:(You can name the building)
State of Building:(make up a realistic state)
Starting Bid:(insert ur price)
Pic of the building:(Get pic from Building Investments)
Birds-Eye view of the building location:(Get pic from Building Investments)

Player Information
IC Name:
IC Description:
Honor: Are you good or bad?

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