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Information -- Buying and Selling property Empty Information -- Buying and Selling property

Post  Lucas Cullen on 19/7/2014, 4:33 am

The way this system works you can base any where own any door but when you leave any server you lose all access so anyone can base there. This system is in place so you can buy and sell permanent bases. There is a list of types of buildings as followed


Each category of buildings have ups and downs example commercial buildings can make a lot of money BUT leases/rent/maintenance/stock costs are high compared to residential
Military include nexus's and certain complexes that would be used by PMC's. These kinds of buildings cost a lot initially but maintenance is slightly lower then avg.

Each topic is 1 building unless apartment complexes with pictures pricing with birds-eye view. When buying a building its a bidding process highest bidder wins like EBAY you may only bid once every hour bidding closes within 24 hours of the post being unlocked. Upper class citizens can have 2 buildings while only lower/middle class citizens may have 1.

When the buying process is completed Lucas Cullen will message you on steam/email or forums and Skype if added about the completion and success of your newly owned property and will within 24 hours setup the building with text stating the building is owned.

When you buy a commercial or residential property you pay fees but also gain money from that building by the following

Leasing it to people for your own price
Setting up a shop
Storing certain items(item spawns then selling items)
And a standard income example you spend 500k on a building you gain 50k a day

And many more things to come like personal NPC's

When own a military building or renovating to be a PMC owned building you pay a larger sum of credits initially but here are the perks
AUTOMATIC NPC's(meaning you can RP having an army guarding the building without additional fees/time)
Restricted Access(Meaning you can KOS)
Private Trader(25% more credits so if an item is 100k it will cost 125k)
You cannot how ever
Make it a commercial or residential area(meanning you cant lease the building to people and you do not gain income)

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