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Post  JoeBarbaro on 12/7/2014, 12:30 am

Steam Name:Joe
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48986362
IC Name: Joe Barbaro
Age: 15, turning 16.
Are you Investor? No
How many hours have you got on Garry's Mod? 1376

How many of them hours approximately spent on RP? 800

Why do you want to be admin? I feel I am fit to be an administrator and can handle things in a reasonable, but light mannered way, while still taking the correct actions.

What can you bring to Trion Gaming servers that no one else can? Everyone has a unique personality, I can't say I can bring anything new, but I can assure clean conduct, honesty, and the upkeep of a fun enjoyable gaming community

Do you have a mic? Yes
What server/s would you like to admin? Phasefour, as far as I know the database is the same on them, but any one is fine.

Do you understand that admin abuse is a very serious offence and will not be tolerated and I will know that you have? I understand.

Have you even been banned of a server for breaking a rule if so what rule and why did you break it. I've been banned from a Jail Break server for free kill, I was new to the game mode and was confused.

Have you ever been admin on a clockwork server before? Once, for 4 months on LW HL2RP for 4 months before it shut down.

Do you understand that you need to make a admin character to show that your on duty and not use your RP character to do administrating? Yes.

Do you understand that you will be asked to admin different servers with no questions asked? Of course.

Do you understand that you have a duty to do 1-4 hours a day depending if its weekday or weekend?(this can be negotiated) Yeah, I can cover this easily (I don't have a life)

Admin Situations

If someone says to you I got RDM'd what should you do first? Teleport to them, and check the logs. (and then take further action)

If some one disrespects a fellow player what should you do? Tell them to stop, and if they continue, mute/gag them. (But because that's not possible in Clockwork, I would warn to kick them)

If a player reports some one speed hacking how will you handle this? If I had proof, it would be a permanent ban. I do not tolerate hackers, especially on a game like Garry's Mod (this is my favorite game.)

If you see another admin abusing his powers would you step in to stop and how would you? If Lucas (or a higher rank) were on I would feel comfortable notifying them immediately and if not, record his/her actions for evidence, and then take action (depending on how severe it is, I can't really say what I would do from there)

RP Situations

You come across a junkyard, but you've heard of something or someone who lives there that doesn't care who enters just kills. But there is also the Promise of great loot also. You are armed with a Colt 1911 with 3 clips, basic medical supplies, and a backpack full of junk. What do you do? /me creeps through the gate and looks around, as to make sure there is no one around. "Hello?" *There is no response" /me treads lightly ahead with his pistol in hand, turning suddenly towards any light noise. *You see some money, two printers and a pistol /me climbs a large mound of trash silently, to see the loot from a higher ground *You see a man in tattered clothes sleeping near a shotgun guarding the loots /me at the top of the mound, slowly bring up his pistol and shoots the man quickly in the head, then slides down the other side of the mound, grabbing what he can and runs away.

You've just taken a bullet wound to the shoulder, your in severe pain and you seem to bleeding a bit grotesquely. You attempted to put some weight on it after you where shot and your almost certain it's shattered something. You have a basic medical kit that contains, 1 Ace Wrap, 1 half filled tube of antibiotics, 4 packages of Gauze pads, and rubbing alcohol. You know of a town near by but you don't know if it's safe or not. You take a look from your cover an it's safe to move. What do you do? /me grasps his shoulder and grabs anti-antibiotics with the other hand, quickly administering the medicine add rubbing alcohol to potentially stop infection and then lies nearly flat on the ground so the blood won't spill out. "Gahh." /me after some groans of pain, decides to take out Gauze Pads and Jerry rigs them with some adhesive to stay over the wound.
"G-ahh, that should do it four now" Joe quietly says to himself /me then runs in pain, flailing his bad arm, toward the town to look further for more supplies

Personal Info:
What do you like: RP
What dont you like: Trolls, hackers, disrespect
What makes you annoyed: Trolls, hackers, disrespect
What makes you happy: Having fun
what makes you angry and frustrated: The inability to help
Whats your favorite colours: Orange


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Post  Lucas Cullen on 12/7/2014, 12:44 am


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